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ISIN or Smart-Contract Crypto generation

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Residential Building Avenches
6% return
CHF 784’400 remaining
Rating -
Return 6%
Period -
Platform Foxstone
Weiterbildung & Einrichtung
Personal Loan
8% return
CHF 6’000 remaining
Rating A
Return 8%
Period 60 months
Platform 3circlefunding
5% return
CHF 1’000’000 remaining
Rating 4
Return 5%
Period 45 months
Platform Creditworld
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CIG Exchange is a Crowdfunding aggregator. We simplify and enable Retail investors, Family Offices, Fund Managers, Banks and financial institutions to invest in Crowdfunding offerings from all participating Swiss Platform and managed those investment under one roof.

Retail Investor

Family office and Fund manager


Investor wants powerful tools that match their expectations. CIG Exchange offers targeted features for all type of Investors:

Asset Management

Manage assets from all platform under one roof


Load and filled your KYC and AML once and share

Asset tokenisation

Trade your asset as custom Ethereum token

Bond simplification

As an institutional investor, you can also raise capital using our participating Crowdlending platforms or by raising the money directly from the sale of custom tokens.

Lower costs

Increase your profit by eliminating intermediaries.

Access to Capital

Create offers of your own using our participating Crowdfunding / Crowdlending platforms. Simplify greatly your access to capital.

FINMA Compliant

The Platform is fully FINMA compliant and adhere fully to existing regulations.


We offer our services through our partner to generate ISIN numbers from your asset. You can also use our service to generate Smart Contracts and distribute custom Token.

Share KYC

Financial institution will be able to share KYC between each others. Simplifying greatly customer acquisitions.

Crowd Lending Aggregation

We offer a common Platform to all existing Crowd Lending platform and Financial institution. We solve the issue of offers dissemination and management of Crowd-Funding offers accross multiple platforms. You get the power of all platform in one place.


We use the services of a consulting business that already build Crowdfunding platform successfuly.

We are technical experts in Finance and Blockchain Technologies.


Get your own Crowd-Funding / Lending platform without any sweat by using our White Label Platform.


Our software is GPDR ready and compliant


Using standard financial API we can integrate our platform into your current software ex: AVALOQ, or any supported tranding software.


By using the public ledger rest assure that all transactions are immutable. Our backend and API are open source... guaranteeing privacy, regulatory requirements and fair use of data.

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